MonosaudioM101R/F101R Audiophile Pure Copper Rhodium Plated AC Power Plug

Upgrade Your Audio System with MonosaudioM101R/F101R

Are you looking to take your audio system to the next level? Look no further than the MonosaudioM101R/F101R audiophile pure copper rhodium plated AC power plug. This high-quality power plug is designed to provide the best possible connection for your audio equipment, ensuring that you get the most out of your sound system.

Key Features

Pure Copper Construction

The MonosaudioM101R/F101R power plug is made from pure copper, which is known for its excellent conductivity. This ensures that your audio equipment receives a clean and consistent power supply, resulting in improved sound quality.

Rhodium Plating

Not only is the power plug made from pure copper, but it is also rhodium plated. Rhodium is a highly conductive and corrosion-resistant metal, making it the perfect choice for audio applications. The rhodium plating ensures a stable and durable connection for your audio system.

IEC320 C13 Female Connector Jack

The power plug features an IEC320 C13 female connector jack, allowing for easy and secure connections to your audio equipment. This ensures a stable and reliable power supply, without any risk of disconnection.

Benefits of Using MonosaudioM101R/F101R

  • Improved sound quality
  • Stable and reliable power supply
  • Easy and secure connections
  • Durable construction


Is the MonosaudioM101R/F101R easy to install?

Yes, the power plug is designed for easy installation, making it perfect for DIY mains power cable projects.

Will the rhodium plating wear off over time?

No, the rhodium plating is highly durable and will not wear off with regular use.


Upgrade your audio system with the MonosaudioM101R/F101R audiophile pure copper rhodium plated AC power plug and experience the difference in sound quality. With its pure copper construction, rhodium plating, and IEC320 C13 female connector jack, this power plug is the perfect choice for any audio enthusiast.