LAPASA Kids T-Shirts Pure Cotton 4-Pack

LAPASA Kids T-Shirts Pure Cotton 4-Pack

Are you looking for high-quality, comfortable t-shirts for your kids? Look no further than LAPASA Kids T-Shirts Pure Cotton 4-Pack. Made with 100% non-allergenic cotton, these short sleeve white tees are perfect for boys and girls.

Comfort and Quality

Our kids’ t-shirts are made with pure cotton, ensuring maximum comfort for your little ones. The soft and breathable fabric is gentle on the skin, making it ideal for everyday wear.


At LAPASA, we understand the importance of using non-allergenic materials for children’s clothing. That’s why our t-shirts are made with 100% non-allergenic cotton, giving you peace of mind knowing that your kids are wearing safe and comfortable clothing.

Unisex Design

Our crew neck t-shirts come in a unisex design, making them suitable for both boys and girls. The classic white color makes them versatile and easy to pair with any outfit.


Each pack includes four t-shirts, providing great value for money. Whether for school, playtime, or lounging at home, your kids will always have a fresh and comfortable t-shirt to wear.

Easy Care

These t-shirts are easy to care for and can be machine washed and tumble dried, making them convenient for busy parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these t-shirts suitable for sensitive skin?
  • Yes, our t-shirts are made with 100% non-allergenic cotton, making them perfect for sensitive skin.

  • What sizes are available?
  • We offer a range of sizes for kids of different ages, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

  • Can I mix and match sizes in the 4-pack?
  • Yes, you can choose different sizes for each t-shirt in the 4-pack, allowing you to customize your order.


Invest in the comfort and quality of LAPASA Kids T-Shirts Pure Cotton 4-Pack for your little ones. With 100% non-allergenic cotton and a unisex design, these t-shirts are a versatile and practical choice for any child’s wardrobe.