Kitchen Doodads – Handmade Crocheted Face Scrubbies

Kitchen Doodads – Handmade Crocheted Face Scrubbies

Are you tired of using disposable makeup remover pads that are harmful to the environment? Look no further! Our handmade crocheted face scrubbies are the perfect eco-friendly alternative. Made from 100% cotton, these double thickness scrubbies are gentle on the skin and can be reused over and over again.

Product Features

100% Cotton

Our face scrubbies are made from high-quality, soft cotton that is gentle on the skin and perfect for all skin types.

Double Thickness

The double thickness design provides extra durability and ensures that the scrubbies can effectively remove makeup and cleanse the skin.

Set of 4

Each set includes 4 face scrubbies in various colors, adding a touch of fun and color to your skincare routine.

Benefits of Using Crocheted Face Scrubbies

Environmentally Friendly

By using reusable face scrubbies, you are reducing the amount of waste produced by disposable makeup remover pads, contributing to a healthier planet.

Gentle and Effective

The soft cotton material is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for daily use. The double thickness design ensures effective makeup removal and facial cleansing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the face scrubbies?

Simply toss them in the washing machine with your regular laundry and let them air dry. Avoid using fabric softener to maintain their effectiveness.

Can I use them with cleansers and makeup removers?

Absolutely! Our face scrubbies work well with your favorite cleansers and makeup removers, providing a gentle and thorough cleansing experience.


Make the switch to eco-friendly skincare with our handmade crocheted face scrubbies. Not only are they gentle on the skin and effective in makeup removal, but they also contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Say goodbye to disposable pads and hello to reusable, colorful, and durable face scrubbies!