EdgeVisors Wind Deflectors Set for TOYOTA Corolla

Enhance Your Driving Experience with EdgeVisors Wind Deflectors Set for TOYOTA Corolla

Are you tired of rainwater, wind, and debris entering your car through the open windows? Look no further than EdgeVisors wind deflectors set designed specifically for TOYOTA Corolla MK12 2018-Onwards 5 Door Estate. These deflectors not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle but also improve your driving experience.

Key Features

High-Quality Material

EdgeVisors wind deflectors are built to last, using high-grade acrylic with 2.5mm thickness. They are up to 2x more durable than other brands, offering superior craftsmanship and longevity.

Sleek and Aerodynamic Design

The deflectors seamlessly blend with the shape and trim of your vehicle, improving overall appearance and aerodynamics. They are designed to reduce wind noise, drafts, and air turbulence inside your vehicle, providing a more comfortable driving experience.

Easy Installation

Custom-made to fit your vehicle’s window frame with pin-point precision, EdgeVisors wind deflectors can be installed in just 30 seconds. No tape or drilling is required, and they come with clips for additional grip.

Premium Smoked Grey Tint

Protect your vehicle’s interior by reducing UV light and minimizing glare that enters the cockpit. The tint also helps lower heat inside the vehicle, keeping the cabin cooler, especially during sunny days.


Are these wind deflectors easy to install?

Yes, EdgeVisors wind deflectors are custom-made for each vehicle model and can be installed in just 30 seconds without the need for tape or drilling.

Do the deflectors obstruct the driver’s view?

No, the superior acrylic and specialized tint used in EdgeVisors wind deflectors do not obstruct the driver’s view or visibility.


Enhance your driving experience with EdgeVisors wind deflectors set for TOYOTA Corolla. With their high-quality material, sleek design, easy installation, and premium smoked grey tint, these deflectors offer both practical benefits and a stylish appearance for your vehicle.