Desdoni RC Drift Car – High Speed Remote Control Car

Desdoni RC Drift Car – High Speed Remote Control Car

Are you ready to experience the thrill of high-speed racing? Look no further than the Desdoni RC Drift Car! This 1/16 scale remote control car is designed for both kids and adults who love the excitement of racing.

High Performance Drifting Car

The 1:16 RC Drift Racing Cars remote control car is designed with a simulated structure, providing the control feeling of a real car. With adjustable variable speed, deceleration, braking, and independent suspension system, this car offers a faster high-speed racing experience, reaching up to 35KM/H.

Powerful 6 LED Modes

Equipped with 6 LED lights modes, including angel and demon eyes, the Desdoni RC Drift Car shines in the dark. The headlights are cleverly matched with 6 light modes, making the car more dazzling during nighttime races.

4WD High Speed Drift Car

The 4WD system and 390 powerful motors provide strong power and driving force, allowing the car to conquer all kinds of harsh environments or drift on the road with ease. With a charging time of about 3 hours and a playing time of approximately 20 minutes, the fun never stops.

2.4GHz Remote & 3 Variable Speed

The 2.4GHz remote control allows for stable operation and a control distance of up to 278 feet. With 3 variable speed modes (38/28/19KM/H), you can adjust the speed according to different ground conditions and enjoy a smooth racing experience.

Perfect Configuration

The Desdoni RC Drift Car is built with a hard-core body structure, a reasonable cooling system, and a metal transmission shaft for durability. Equipped with 2 rechargeable batteries and replacement tires, this car is ready for endless racing adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the charging time for the car?
  • A: The charging time is about 3 hours.
  • Q: How long can the car play after a full charge?
  • A: The playing time is approximately 20 minutes.
  • Q: Can multiple people control the car at the same time?
  • A: Yes, the 2.4GHz remote supports multiple users without interference.


Get ready to unleash the speed and excitement with the Desdoni RC Drift Car. With its high-performance features, powerful motors, and stunning LED lights, this remote control car is the perfect gift for anyone who loves racing. Experience the thrill of high-speed drifting and conquer the road with this 4WD racing machine!