BOZHUORUI Clear Case for Kobo Libra 2

BOZHUORUI Clear Case for Kobo Libra 2

Are you looking for a sleek and reliable case for your Kobo Libra 2? Look no further than the BOZHUORUI Clear Case. This transparent silicone case is designed to protect your device without compromising its elegant design. Read on to learn more about this must-have accessory for your Kobo Libra 2.

Main Features

Slim and Lightweight

The BOZHUORUI Clear Case is incredibly slim and lightweight, adding minimal bulk to your Kobo Libra 2. You can easily slip it into your bag or backpack without any extra weight or hassle.

Transparent Design

This case features a transparent design that allows the beauty of your Kobo Libra 2 to shine through. You can showcase the elegant design of your device while keeping it safe from scratches and scuffs.

Flexible and Soft

Made of high-quality silicone, this case is flexible and soft to the touch. It provides a comfortable grip and a secure hold, making it easy to handle your Kobo Libra 2 with confidence.


Is the case easy to install?

Yes, the BOZHUORUI Clear Case is designed for easy installation. Simply snap it onto your Kobo Libra 2 and it’s ready to use.

Does the case offer protection for the screen?

While the case primarily protects the back of your Kobo Libra 2, it also features a raised edge to provide some protection for the screen when placed face down.


The BOZHUORUI Clear Case for Kobo Libra 2 is the perfect combination of style and protection. With its slim, lightweight, and transparent design, it’s the ideal choice for anyone looking to safeguard their device without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal. Get your hands on this must-have accessory and keep your Kobo Libra 2 looking brand new.