BOZHUORUI Clear Case for Kobo Clara 2E

BOZHUORUI Clear Case for Kobo Clara 2E

Introducing the BOZHUORUI Clear Case for Kobo Clara 2E – the perfect accessory to protect your device while showcasing its sleek design. Made of ultra-thin, lightweight, scratch-proof transparent silicone, this flexible soft back cover provides maximum protection without adding any bulk to your Kobo Clara 2E.

Main Features:

Ultra-Thin Design

The clear case is designed to be ultra-thin, ensuring that it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your Kobo Clara 2E. It maintains the device’s slim and sleek profile while providing essential protection.

Scratch-Proof Material

The transparent silicone material is scratch-proof, keeping your Kobo Clara 2E free from any unsightly marks or blemishes. You can confidently carry your device in your bag without worrying about scratches.

Flexible and Soft

The soft back cover is flexible and easy to install, providing a snug fit for your Kobo Clara 2E. It allows for easy access to all buttons and ports, ensuring that you can use your device without any restrictions.


Is the case easy to clean?

Yes, the clear case can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt.

Does the case yellow over time?

No, the transparent silicone material is designed to resist yellowing, ensuring that your case remains clear and transparent over time.


The BOZHUORUI Clear Case for Kobo Clara 2E is the perfect choice for anyone looking to protect their device without compromising on style. Its ultra-thin, lightweight, scratch-proof design ensures that your Kobo Clara 2E remains in pristine condition, while the transparent silicone material allows the device’s original design to shine through. Get your clear case today and keep your Kobo Clara 2E looking brand new!