Artisan Steel – High Performance Pizza Steel Made in the USA

Artisan Steel – High Performance Pizza Steel Made in the USA

If you love wood-fired pizza, now you can get the same blistered crust at home with a Made in the USA Artisan Steel. Your Artisan Steel baking surface is even more conductive than the stone floor of a wood-fired oven, and can transfer heat so efficiently, you鈥檒l soon be turning out beautiful pies with unbelievable crust in under 10 minutes.

More than a Pizza Stone

More than a pizza stone, the Artisan Steel can be used frozen for cold serving, or to prepare cold slab ice cream. It works perfectly at moderate heat for baking rustic breads. You can even try baking pizza or roasting vegetables on it in your barbecue!

For Lifelong Baking

This baking steel should be cared for like a cast iron pan. Clean with water and a stiff brush (no soap needed!) after use, dry immediately with a lint-free cloth or paper towel and season by swiping on a light coat of cooking oil. Re-season as needed by scrubbing and washing thoroughly with a mild soap, seasoning as usual and baking at 375掳F for one hour.


  • Ultra-conductive pizza steel for baking beautiful, blistered crust & fast cook times.
  • Low friction steel surface for easy sliding & more conductive than ceramic or stone baking sheets.
  • Solid, heavy duty steel pizza stone that will not break even under high temperatures.
  • Easy to wash and care for. Re-season only as needed.
  • 16″ x 14.25″ x .25″ – 16lbs – Made in the USA
Can I use it on a barbecue?

Yes, you can use the Artisan Steel on a barbecue to bake pizza or roast vegetables.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, it is easy to clean with just water and a stiff brush. No soap needed!

In conclusion, the Artisan Steel is a high-performance pizza steel made in the USA that allows you to bake crisp, bubbly pizzas in a fraction of the time. Its ultra-conductive surface and solid, heavy-duty construction make it a must-have for any pizza lover.