Americanflat 10×12.5 Kids Artwork Picture Frame in White

Americanflat 10×12.5 Kids Artwork Picture Frame in White

Display your kids’ artwork in style with the Americanflat 10×12.5 Kids Artwork Picture Frame in White. This frame is designed to showcase their creativity and add a touch of elegance to any wall.


Perfect Size

The frame is specifically designed to fit 8.5×11″ artwork with mat and 10×12.5″ artwork without mat. It provides a snug fit, ensuring that your kids’ artwork is displayed beautifully.

High-Quality Materials

The frame is made with a glass front and composite wood molding. The glass front protects the artwork from dust and damage, while the composite wood molding adds a touch of sophistication.


Easy to Use

The frame comes with a mat, making it easy to display 8.5×11″ artwork. Simply insert the artwork into the mat and place it in the frame. For 10×12.5″ artwork, remove the mat and insert the artwork directly into the frame.

Multiple Display Options

The frame can be hung on the wall vertically or horizontally, allowing you to choose the best orientation for your kids’ artwork. It also comes in a 2 pack, giving you the option to display multiple pieces of artwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the frame be used for other types of artwork?

Yes, the frame can be used to display various types of artwork, such as drawings, paintings, and certificates.

Is the frame easy to clean?

Yes, simply wipe the frame with a damp cloth to remove any dust or smudges.


The Americanflat 10×12.5 Kids Artwork Picture Frame in White is the perfect way to showcase your kids’ artwork. With its perfect size, high-quality materials, and easy-to-use design, this frame is a must-have for any proud parent. Get a 2 pack today and start displaying your kids’ creativity with style!